You Need to Know These Tricks Before Hosting a Garden Party

This heatwave is giving us so much life! Which is why pretty much everyday we’re craving a barbeque and searching our Pinterest for garden party inspiration.

We’ve taken the best ideas of the lot and created these top tips for hosting a garden party.

Garden furniture doesn’t have to be expensive

Al Fresco Picnic. What a lovely way to create an intimidate gathering!


We’re not complaining about the commitment that some pinterest photos show when it comes to create the perfect garden party, but we are saying that yours doesn’t have to include brand new garden furniture, special dinnerware and 7,000 different serving options. We absolutely love how beautiful this simple garden party idea: Using a 2 pallet high platform for the dinner table, and floor cushions for each guest. It’s a great idea for any young uns birthday party, or an evening with the girls, though once you’re down – if you’ve got knees like us – you’re not getting back up again.

The party doesn’t end when the sun goes down


Everyone knows that even on the warmest British Summer day, it ~can~ get a bit chilly as the sun goes down. But, that doesn’t mean the party ends.

Get thrifty by checking out this tutorial on how to turn a flower pot into a small fire pit, or buy ours here.

As for lighting, fairy lights and candles in cute lanterns will do the trick.

Check out our lanterns here.

Be prepared for it to rain

pergola canopy - Google Search


Okay so there might be a heatwave on, but you can never be unprepared for rain in England. Create your own canopy or grab yourself a giant parasol. Alternatively, be sure there’s enough room and seating in the house, just in case the weather turns at the last minute. It’ll be too late to cancel, but there’s always the option to play some games indoors instead!

And for someone to get chilly…

How to throw a garden party


Okay, even at 28 degrees, there’s always one…

Drape blankets or throws over the chairs outside, or let people know they’re available whenever they start to feel a chill.

Figure out some genius pest control…

You can use cupcake papers to help keep the bugs away from your wine cocktails at your next garden party! #DIY #GardenParty #EdnaValley


How cute and simple is this idea? It’s great for not only stopping flies dropping into your drink, but also identifying everyone’s drink: Use multicoloured bun cases so that everyone can choose their own and it’ll make it way easier down the line.

Did you really have a party if there weren’t fairy lights?

Bbq And Summer Party Lights | Summer Lighting Guide | Inspiration | Imagine this under your parasol..a canopy of stars


The fairy lights are an essential for any garden, anywhere, at anytime. There’s something so perfect about the atmosphere fairy lights make. So whether they’re solar panelled and permanently in the garden, or you nab a set from the living to put on the table, set the tone in the evening with this ambient lighting to make sure the party continues with a chilled out vibe.

Check out our Garden Party Pinterest board for more inspiration

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