Valentine’s Day: Fall in Love With Your Home / A Romantic Getaway

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, it’s all about loving yourself, and your partner or friends. But we want to help you fall in love with your home again.

There was a spark.

At some point, many years ago, when you first visited your house, you just knew it was the house for you. You pictured yourself there, in your little house, for years: Big plans for each room, to make it the perfect little space.

So what happened?

It’s time to fall back in love with your home. And there’s some easy simple tricks that can get that butterfly feeling back into your heart.

A Colour to Welcome You Home

purple painted front door with valspar


We all think about re-painting the living room, or finally getting round to the kitchen, but that doesn’t give you that love at first sight feeling. The best choice? Paint your front door. This simple trick can be done in just a single afternoon, and will make a big difference when it comes to giving you a warm feeling as you drive or walk back to the house after a stressful day out of bed.

Bring in some foliage with a permanent wreath, too, and remember that warm, welcoming feeling your home used to bring.

A Feature Wall to Catch Your Eye

Botany Banana - Wall Mural & Photo Wallpaper - Photowall


Stepping into the house, you need the wow factor back; that attraction that you felt when you first viewed it. A new bold feature wall is the perfect way to switch things up, and keep you feeling fresh and happy at home.

Accessories to Prove You’re Loved

Pink hues, faux florals of Love accessories, bring the love right into your home. Need we say more?

Cushions for Snugglin’

There’s so party like a party-for-one with a room full of cushions and a cheeky biscuit. So go bold and wild with your cushions because one can never have enough. Combine textures and layers to create the perfect ‘I’ve had a hard day-face-plant-the-bedding’ atmosphere.

Side Light Ambience

If you’re from Britain, we all know the hounding brightness of ‘the big light’. And does any British home these days actually use it? The ‘put the big light on’ conversation will continue for thousands of years, but to create a little romance and ambience, stick to the side lights. Bedside lamps or floor lamps create a warm and cosy atmosphere. Whether that’s for a night in with your partner, or while reading in bed.

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