The Psychology of Colour in the Home

Colours mean different things to different people. Each hue might remind you of a time in your life, a place you’ve visited, or a person you’ve known. There’s psychology behind colours and the feelings they reflect – whether that’s in an aura, a person’s favourite colour, or in the colours we associate with emotions when explaining our feelings.

In English, we all spent mind-numbing hours analysing what the significance of colour was to the story; is that curtain just blue, or does it mean something?

Similarly, colours can create moods and atmospheres within our very home, and your emotions can be very tangled in with the colours and styles you’re designing your home with.

Today we’re going to break down the main psychology of colour for interiors.



Initially, we understand red to be a warming, romantic colour, which some would argue is a little too bold for using for walls or wallpapers. Some people might choose to decorate their kitchen with red utilities, or splash our on a red sofa for the living room. But what does it all mean?

Inevitably, red is a colour of passion. It has powerful links to ideas of attraction and strength. It’s a bold beauty that can encompass big emotions such as love, violence and angry. It can also give a youthful vibe to some spaces.

While we love this homely red bedsit, we’d suggest going for a red living room instead; provide the chance for guest to give have their voices and opinions heard in a safe space where if tensions rise, the feelings aren’t carried up to bed. A bedroom should be neutral and calming, and with a powerful colour that bags in the chances of anger, we’d keep this to less peaceful parts of the house.

Pick Your Reds:

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Orange is another bold and bright colour for the home – one not all of us would immediately go for. However, orange emits healthy, youthful and energetic vibes, that are perfect for helping you start the day off right. It gives guests the essence of approachability while also being linked to the cheerful feelings, innovation and a playful character.

With this in mind, orange is the perfect choice for the hallway – stepping out of the bedroom into a motivated outlook for taking on the day. Alternatively, the dining room or bathroom could be equally as bright and beautiful. Orange hues in the bathroom will invigorate your shower as you cleanse off the previous day’s stresses.

Slithers of Orange: 

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Yellow is for the friendly and optimistic – a great choice for the porch or first room you enter after the front door. It brings sunshine and happiness, clarity and a youthful vibe to the house. Many people look to yellow for nurseries, but can’t an adult have a little optimism too? We love yellow interiors, and hope to see more of this beautiful hue popping up in interiors from now on.

Yell out for Yellows:

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Green is a peaceful, gentle colour that can encourage growth, rest and even loyalty.

Naturally, green makes us think of plants or, on an emotional level, envy. But clearly the psychology of home interiors is seeing the bigger picture for this bright fresh hue.

With its earthy roots, green is pretty much a colour for any room, and it super easy to incorporate.

Get your Greens:

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As we all know, blue is defined as one of the more tranquil colours. This universally calm hue is ideal for the bedroom – helping lull you into a deep sleep after a long day. Blue also offers a clean and orderly look

Bow to the Blues:

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