Surya: A Closer Look at the Latest Collection

It’s just a few days until the Surya Range is live in store and online, so we thought we give a bit more information about the range, why it’s so exciting, and what key features you can look out for.

Unique Mango Wood Patterns

If you haven’t noticed our social media posts yet, you’ll be glad to hear that the Surya range is another cool collection made with 100% Eco-Friendly Mango Wood.

Why mango wood? The mango trees are only chopped down for wood once its fruit bearing days are up. Only after the tree has finished its primary job, will it be harvested for wood.

Our other mango wood ranges have been incredibly popular – with the Cube Mango Nest of Tables being our bestseller of all time – and we’re looking to find new mango wood ranges all the time to bring more inspiration to our eco-conscious customers.

The wood patterns are beautifully natural – meaning every piece has its own unique grain pattern which can be a feature within itself.

Cool Curves

The range uses cool curves on its smaller pieces – such as the nest of tables and coffee table – which create a new quirky edge to these typically blocky and rectangular pieces. Bringing in a bold statement, the curved edges give a little more ‘wow factor’, and we love it.

Smooth Corners

No more bashing into the corners of the furniture and ending up with a horrible bruise for weeks. Our Surya collection has smooth finished edges which complete its unique and stylish look.

Retro Splayed Legs

The collection oozes with retro chic, and when paired with the right colours and accessories, you’ll be in a time capsule from the funky past. The shape, texture and lightness of the wood, alongside the edgy design of each piece is perfect for any retro lovers looking to spice up their space with a little more personality.

Scandi Handling

An alternative name option for the collection was Scandi, and you can see why. The simple, bare wood pieces, finished with a natural lacquer are perfect for the Scandi style that’s always so popular. The handles for each piece are simple indents which have been shaped with a square design, rather than using additional metal features that stick out from the face of the pieces.

Be sure to come take a look at the range when we’ve finished doing our thing, at our Hasland store this weekend.


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