Stand Out Proud: Alternative Wall Colours

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This week we’re talking about the dreaded: Choosing the perfect paint colour for your walls.

That’s right. We’ve all been there, flicking through the paint swatches hoping to find inspiration in our multitude of belongings of all different shapes, shades and colours. But there’s just nothing that ties everything together is there?

And so, like everyone else we said we didn’t want to copy, we go for: White. Ivory. Cream.


But, our time to be different is now. Push back those whites, pearls and opals to reveal a catalog of bright and bold shades that we couldn’t possibly use as a permanent fixture of our house.

Could we?

What would happen if we painted the walls blue and the floors white?

I would love to paint my whole bedroom in a dark colour, but that won't happen until I get a room with more natural light... For the moment ...


Could we end up with a beautifully classic and sophisticated look?

Or what about the always on trend mustard colour?

Smart modern kitchen-diner with mustard yellow feature wall

Could we, too, have a contemporary, fresh dining space?


And what happens when we combine orange walls with all our plants and mis-match furniture?

Colorful Moroccan inspired kitchen interior dream house kitchen orange walls eclectic cozy artsy rug blue retro fridge center island aqua mint green #kitcheninterior


Would it look super cool with a warm, Morroccan feel?

Of course, we wouldn’t be silly enough to use Mint green on the walls, would we?

Staircase same style as ours - could paint ours white to get same effect. Love wall colour too.


But if we did, would it give the house a fresh lease of life?

What about switching it up; black walls?

Planning a New Years decor is not an easy task. But here are the best colors!


Could it create a totally cool and Instagram-worthy living space to be the envy of all our friends?

What if… we just went all out… and painted our walls like a dream?

Discover these incredible home design ideas for your home decor and interior design projects | #uniqueblog #homedesignideas #interiordesignprojects #interiordesign #modernhomedecor #lightingdesign #uniquelamps

Her walls are pastel watercolors with a cave mural above her bed, and she has fun pops of light and rainbows throughout


Nah, we’ll probably just stick with white.

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