NEC January/February 2018: Our New Finds

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January and February are huge months in the land of retail and furniture, which involves trips to the NEC to check out the upcoming trends manufacturers in the industry are predicting, and what they’ve got to offer. It’s a chance to see pre-established suppliers and their products in the flesh, as well as scout out new brands to bring something extra to the upcoming year. This year, we visited both the January Furniture Show and the Spring Fair, and boy was there a lot to get through. We’re so excited to showcase what we’ve ordered and found, but that will have to wait. For now, check out below some of the biggest trends that are coming out this year.

TREND ALERT: Greens for Gold

Pretty much every corner of both shows was filled with beautiful emerald green upholstery and zesty, fresh green accessories. Whether going for a more sophisticated style with a slither of retro, or an all catci-inspired setting for your whole home, this season has you covered. Summer is coming, and it’s going to be green.

TREND ALERT: Faux Florals


That’s right, it’s probably about time we all embrace the faux fresh floral, because the streets (or homes) are going to be brimming with it. They’re the perfect way to add life into a dull interior, and we love the huge variety that’s now on offer. Faux flowers used to be a pretty dust collector at Grandma’s. Now, they’re all the rage, and you don’t want to miss the moment.

TREND ALERT: Retro Furniture

Retro furniture is all in. And this bad boy range is almost ready to go online. And, just to make everything even better, it’s made with Eco-Friendly mango wood. Vintage style with a kind heart.

TREND ALERT: Soft Velvet Everything

Velvet furnishings are the latest thing, and we’re all for it. What could be better than curling up on thee softest material your body can imagine? Sofas, armchairs and cushions are taking a turn to become the most sophisticated part of the house, and brings with it beautiful hues to create a bold statement in the living space.


Image result for roaring twenties meme


With all this velvet, greenery and golds, we’re predicting it might be time for the roaring 20s to come back. And with only 2 years to go, why not start now?

FURNITURE FOCUS: Storage Solutions


Storage was a key focus this year at the January Show. Open space shelving and ladder units are definitely here to say, and we’re glad to announce they’re becoming a lot more affordable too.

No longer will cool urban chic be a style for the riches; we’ve found this perfect build-up unit range for a cheeky cheap price, and we’re excited to share it with you.

Also on the horizon for storage, there’s plenty of quirky and contemporary styles that offer a number of angled drawers and cupboards with mis-match handles and prints.


A surprising turn at the Spring Fair showed that the latest predicted trends for Christmas are… blue? With green becoming an every day colour in the home this year, perhaps it’s time to step aside and let a new colour ring form throughout December? We’re still favourtising our jolly Santa red, but perhaps blue is the next best thing? Let us know what you think!

A LITTLE EXTRA: Sloths & Narwhals


The Spring Fair is home to a huge number of manufacturers who offer everything from homewares, to DIY tools, right through to fancy dress and chocolate… which means there’s a whole lot of things to take a nosy at. Our favourites? Sloths and Narwhals – a trend we’ve already predicted to be the next best adorable trend. Though not much is on the market just yet for Narwhals, sloths are slowy (by nature) taking things into their own hands and popping up on mugs and cards, and soon to be (fingers crossed) everything else!

Trends for novelty items are still very much pineapple, flamingo and alpaca themed, which we’re pretty surprised about, but it’s no probllama.

We reported live from the show throughout the day on our Instagram Stories. If you don’t already follow us, check out our profile to keep up to date with day-to-day runnings.

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