8 Ways to Bring Mango Wood into Your Home

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Mango Wood became extremely popular in 2016 and its popularity isn’t slowing down. Homeware, accessories and occasional furniture manufacturers are all using this striking material. Its super rich texture is ideal for staining with a light, natural stain – leaving the wood’s beautiful grain on display throughout the home.

The wood is an Eco-friendly material which may have helped contribute to its popularity: The wood from the mango trees are only used for lumber once they have reached the end of their fruit bearing years.

So how can you use it?
The trend is ideal for the modern interior, and we’ve got a whole range of items made with 100% solid mango wood that will fit in perfectly. Our eclectic range also homes contrasting items with strong, industrial teak and steel frameworks.

The timeless trend can create a retro-urban style for in any room of the house, and if you’re stuck for ideas on how to style it, here’s just a few of the ways to bring your home to life with the Mango Wood homeware trend.

Birdcage Bistro Table
Urban Mango Steel Chair

1. Mix Up Your Dining Area

The dining room is a traditional room that no longer exists for a lot of people – with busy lives and tight schedules, it’s not often the family sits down for a meal after a long day to catch up. Re-inventing the space can bring life back to this once popular area, and be the start of another family tradition.

For small spaces, the dining area is limited, or combined with the living room which puts a lot of people off when it comes to purchasing dining room furniture. In these situations, look for stylish statement items – like this Birdcage Bistro Table – that can be stored away at the back or side of the room.

We have a great selection of mango wood dining chairs and tables which add a unique style to this social hub room of the house. With steel bistro style armchairs, or adjustable screw stools, there’s plenty of mixing and matching to be done.

Cube Mango Open Bookcase

2. Create an Exotic Room Divide

Our Cube Mango range in particular has some amazing bookcases and display units to double up as room dividers. Whilst maintaining a light and fresh atmosphere in the home, these open units help create a little structure and segmentation in the typically modern open living space. Accessorised with books, flowers or pictures, these mango wood display units are the finishing touch for any room of the house.

3. Create an Urban Aesthetic

The colours and exposed wood grain really lends itself to the Urban Aesthetic. Combining furniture with retro brights, exotic colours, frames and a few other showstopper pieces can change the whole dynamic of the room. The best thing about modern style is that it can be kept very minimalist; using just a few items to create a truly artistic space.

Cube Mango Sideboard

4. Bring the Outside In

Vibrant green succulents and potted plants are exactly what the mango wood trend needs. Bringing the outside in will create a fresh and welcoming vibe within the home, and paired with the natural finish of the wood, the room with be complete with a relaxed and serene feel.
‘Bringing a touch of nature into living spaces will create a contemporary design statement‘ states John Lewis. Cacti , ferns (and faux plants for the less green fingered) are easily accessible on the high street and add a zesty revival to the home.

5. Incorporate Other Natural Woods Homeware

Take inspiration from the Hygge and Lagom movements that are leading their way through the fashion and home industries. Using a variety of reclaimed, natural and upcycled materials, we can live an eco-friendly and environment-conscious life without compromising on luxury.  Driftwood, vintage cabinets and homemade accessories will really add a unique, wholesome vibe to the home and will stay right on trend until the days of snuggling in blankets on the sofa stop sounding appealing. (Never.)

Available in Store and Online
Stylised Small Apothecary Chest

Urban Rectangle Dining Table
Urban Steel Dining Chair


6. Co-ordinate With Autumn Colour-schemes

Moroccan summer or Autumn leaves all fall into the beautifully warm red, orange and pink palettes. With a few poppy oranges and deep purples in the mix, create an environment to really contrast with the simplicity of our mango wood ranges. Whether it’s rugs, cushions or wall paints, these sunset colour-schemes work perfectly.


Stylised Schoolroom Coat Rack

7. Take it Back to School

There’s nothing quite like the upcycled schoolroom pieces to make a room feel vintage, classic and space savvy. Coat racks like this one are so minimalist they fit right into any interior, and combine light mango wood palettes with industrial steel.

Adjustable Stool
Birdcage Bar Table
Revolving Bar Chair

8. Create a Cocktail Bar for Friends

If your home tends to be the social HQ, get yourself party ready with a homemade cocktail bar! High tables, stools and retro accessories are bound to be a party starter. When not in use, these beautiful pieces are ideal for a breakfast bar or desk for the small studio.

So why use Mango Wood? If the above isn’t enough to get you inspired to add a little of this glorious golden brown grain into your life, how about its sustainability, water resistance and affordability? Mango wood has a high water resistance which makes it perfect for the dining space, and at a fraction of the cost of other solid wood pieces, there’s really no downside!

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