How to Wake Up Feeling Energised

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1. Keep the windows open

There’s no better feeling than waking up to a gently breeze, hearing the noises of the early morning and feeling revitalised. This simple tactic will keep your room cool while you sleep – helping you get the best night’s sleep, while gently waking up you naturally in the morning


2. Get yourself an uplifting alarm clock & don’t snooze

Which Song Should You Wake Up To In The Morning? #infographic #Sleep #Health


3. Aromatherapy

Diffuser Blend - Get Up & Go - Energising


Using aromatherapy can pretty much help any mood. This little recipe is for an energising diffuser scent that’ll keep you alert and ready to get going.

4. Start the morning with a glass of water

Bedside Water Glass - You don't need carafes and matching tumblers to provide overnight guests with water. Simply fill a tall, narrow glass, and cover it with a shorter, wider tumbler to keep out dust. Set the glasses on a small tray on the nightstand to catch any drips. Houseguests can flip over the top glass and pour themselves water or sip directly from the taller glass.

Perhaps we’re all a little guilty of under-estimating the good a glass of water does for our bodies, and how drinking a glass of water is one of the best ways to start the day. Our bodies naturally de-hydrate a little during the night (from all that snoring), so re-boosting our water levels up is a good way to get going.


5. Make sure the size and quality of your bed and mattress suits you

Without a good night’s sleep on a structured, cool mattress, there’s little hope of waking up feeling energised – which is why it’s important to get yourself a new-ish mattress (it’s suggested a new mattress should be bought every 8 – 10 years), supported by a good sturdy bed. If you’re quite tall, try looking out for a low foot end bed so that you’re not squished during the night, and always opt for a comfy mattress, rather than a cheap mattress!

6. Scrap the telly

We’re all familiar with the idea of the blue light in the back of electronic screen devices now, so why do we still watch telly before we sleep? Scrap the telly altogether; get it out of the room if you can. That way you’re not tempting to switch it on if you can’t sleep, or snooze your way through a film late at night.

7. Get a productive night stand

Find a night stand that works for you. Something with more drawers if you have medications that need to be by the bedside; perhaps a cupboard if you need space for devices, or a shelf below if you’re a bedtime reader. Make it comfortable and practical, so there’s no need to not be completely ready to sleep as soon as you get into bed. It also helps with getting you organised in the morning – making the breakfast run a lot let stressful.

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8. Consider switching up your materials

Take a look at the composition of your bedding and sheets. You might want to try out high quality materials such as Egyptian Cotton that will stay cooler through the night, stay soft after washes and feel a lot more cosy. Also, if you’re a snuggler, grab a heavier duvet that’ll help you stay in a better position during the night, while also being able to hold your ‘sleeping burrito’ reputation.

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