How to Master the #SHELFIE

You might’ve seen on our social media this week, that we’re celebrating Libraries Week by following through with the #Shelfie trend.

The trend is simple; share a photo of your shelving to show how you style your decorations, books and files.

If you’re an avid fan of Home Decor Pinterest and Instagram accounts, you’ll no doubt have been pining over the perfect Shelfie set up for some time now, and that’s why we’re hear to show you the perfect way to master your very own Shelfie.

We’ve split the trend into 7 simple things to consider. So throw everything on the floor and get ready to start from scratch.

Things to Consider – 1 – Colour Stories

#SHELFIE Sent in by Laura 

If you’re looking to transform a bookcase into a work of art, consider that there’s going to be a lot of wall space taken up. Therefore, you’ll want to consider colours and the stories created in your storage so that you can keep with the overall style and colourscheme for the room.

Whether you opt for covering your own books in pretty patterns, or buying decoration novels in whites, blacks or even rainbow shades, make sure that the style still looks need and tidy.

Things to Consider – 2 – Grouping

The trick most interior decorators, visual merchandisers and other professionals in the industry is to group things in threes; bringing the guest’s eye to a focus point.  Whether it’s a cute little trio of pots, or a triangle structure for ornaments and art, grouping bits together creates a formal structure that’s easy to navigate.

Things to Consider – 3 – Height

Mono Picture Ledge Shelfie | Interiors


Are you the type to love formality and strict lines? Or do you like to chop things up a little and incorporate a variety of heights into your decor? We love this monochrome picture wall that piles the family’s best meories together with quotes, sprigs and lights.

Things to Consider – 4 – Art


Nothing quite makes a statement like a mis-match of your favourite artworks. Photo-frame shelves are becoming increasingly popular, and are a great way to create a style and look in the house without committing to a feature wallpaper. Photo shelves are a lot thinner than your typical shelf – meaning they take up very little space within the room, but still give you the chance to hang art to your heart’s content.

Things to Consider – 5 – Glassware & Mirroring

bar area shelf styling


This super sophisticated cocktail Shelfie sets itself up for the life of the party. The beautiful glassware and metallics glisten in the natural light and provide a sleek and clean look in the house.

Things to Consider – 6 – Practicality

oh, the book feels! — My book nook for now (Before anyone judges my...


Not all of us are lucky to have shelving used for just decoration, and if you’re living in a small space, it’s probably more important to use your space for practicality. But that’s not to say it can’t look amazing. Creating colour stories within your bookcases – with books you already have – can work wonders when creating a cosy space for the winter, and enables you to easily find your books when you fancy a trip into a fairytale.

Things to Consider – 7 – Plants

Our own #SHEFLIE in store!

Lastly, is a house really a home these days without plants? A splash of green succulents and cacti is pretty much a necessity in 2017, and the SHELFIE scene is no different. Adding plants to the space gives you a fresh and exotic look, and keeps things looking too regulated.

And that’s what you should consider when creating your own Shelfie. Simple right?

Be sure to show us yours and we’ll add them to our social media and #Shelfie Pinterest Board! 

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