Fresh February: What You Need To Know

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Our Fresh February campaign begins tomorrow, and it’s about time we talk about what, why and how we’re working to make February the best for everyone.

Why Have We Created Fresh February?

Flair Spectrum Bolero Rug

Because who really starts the new year in January? We all begin the new year with the best of intentions; to get fit, be more ‘in the moment’, and finish up all those project we started years ago and never completed. But by day 3  the 2nd week of the year we’re ready to give up; accepting that maybe we should give ourselves a break before starting our marathon training, or that January is too cold and dark to really want to do anything but snuggle up with leftover Christmas food.

Which is why, to help us all actually get up and go this February, we’re creating a bold, bright and inspiring February full of colourful designs, furnishings and furniture, to bring the home – and our sluggish bodies – back to life; feeling fresh to tackle the new year.

What is Fresh February?

Get ready for colour. Because that’s what we’re all about this year. ~Smell ~ the freshness of our faux plants in their beautiful hanging planters, or be inspired by our colour popping rugs and bold furnishings.

Think fresh, vibrant and exotic. A collection so bold it’ll make the home a statement for guests to visit in awe. We’re looking to push you out of your comfort zone of minimalist grey interiors, in the unknown world of colourful homes.

How Are We Creating a Fresher February?


Brand new products will be launch throughout the month, to keep things fresh… of course. The collections will bring the best of our new finds at the January Furniture Show, as well as giving you a sneak peak into the latest trends for you to get ahead before Summer arrives.

We’ll also be giving you simple tips and tricks for freshening up spaces in the house through our blogs and news letter Star Buys, to be sure to follow our blog here and sign up to our newsletter here.

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