Trend Lookbook: Denim Drift

One of the biggest trends in the interior world this year, has stripped us back from the bright colours of the Summer Colour of the Year – Greenery – and muted it down to the cool and stormy greys we’ve all loved in the past.

Denim Drift – a blue-ish, grey – has hit the interiors world with a huge bang, and people just can’t get enough.

Though you might not have been aware of this particular trend cropping up absolutely everywhere , it’s all around, with a few extra splashes of blue tints to make bring it a little more into the summer style.

But as we head into the Autumn, where the shades tend to get a little bold – with purple and burnt oranges – Denim Drift is taking things a little more monotone, and creating stormy, coastal colours-capes within the home. It feels a lot more poetic that it sounds… trust us.

It’s fair to say, that Denim Drift is becoming a great neutral shade, to build upon within the home. Using such a dark shade leaves plenty of options to build colour into the room with interchangeable soft furnishings and accessories. Its muted tone lends itself to almost any interior and style – meaning most colours will work wonderfully to create a statement contrast within the home.

Our August Launches are also taking this trend well into their stride; with the release of our cushion and soft furnishing ranges last Friday, we’ve created a lovely selection of co-ordinating soft furnishings in blues, yellows and neutrals to help you on your way to creating your own style around the home.

We’ve found some great pieces of inspiration to help you get into this trend, and see how could work in your home:

B O R D E R E D   A C C E N T

The warm grey tones of Denim Drift will make any bedroom more inviting after a long days work.


This formal, stormy vibe works perfectly by adding in teal bed sheets, deep borders and a minimalist look.

F R E S H    L I F E S T Y L E

Die schönsten Wohn- und Dekoideen aus dem Oktober |


In this snap, they’ve used a little extra blue to offer a fresh and calming vibe to the social hub of the home.

C O P P E R   C O M B O

Beautiful shaker style kitchen with artisan accessories in denim drift blue

Copper seems to work perfectly with these denimy shades, and adds a contemporary vibe to this typically rustic, country kitchen.

F R E S H   &   C L E A N

Sieh dir dieses Instagram-Foto von @enkontrast an • Gefällt 289 Mal


This super Scandi style kitchen show just how versatile the Denim Drift shade is – and it’s perfect for the kitchen or communal spaces in the room. Despite this being quite a deep shade, it just shows that it’s extremely easy to brighten up the shade with fresh and clean white lines.


A   C O S Y   N O O K

Books - Via Lonny Mag


The warming glow of the fire and cosy leather armchair highlights the poetic storminess we were trying to explain at the beginning…
It’s a moody yet warming feel that is perfect for cosying up with a good book by the fire after a chilly Autumn walk.

H A L F – W A Y   H O U S E

denim drift


These crushed velvet dining chairs add a cool and chic feel to this pretty, coastal dining space. Using Denim Drift paint for half the wall is a great idea for creating a simple backdrop to family life, while not creating too much of a dark atmosphere.

D R O P   T O    T H E   F L O O R

Denim drift sofa and rug


And who said you can’t use the trend in a totally different way? This extremely monotone style is brighten up by the sea-wave rug and co-ordinating sofa.

A D D I T I O N A L   B U R S T S

Colour of the year 2017: Denim Drift #colourfutures17 #CF17


An alternate idea, if you’re not quite ready to fully commit to the trend, add a few key accessories to the space which are painted to compliment the grey shade.

A   M O D E R N   R E V I V A L

Visual Dose: July 12, 2016 at 08:53AM — Designcollector


Colour velvet are definitely on the up, too.

R E T R O   K I T C H E N

Add a splash of colour to your walls with the elegant, streamlined features of Anya™. With the Dulux colour of the year for 2017 named as Denim Drift, the introduction of Anya brings cool blue-grey tones into the Topps Tiles colour palette, making it the on-trend choice for kitchen and bathroom walls this year.


Okay, so this might be a bit more of a teal/blue, but we just had to show how perfectly retro and cool dark walls and tiles can be.

I N   T H E   C O M F O R T

Denim inspired fabrics - Chivasso collection at Jab Anstoetz


Cushions like our Petrol Blue scatter cushions (now online!) and varied textured soft furnishings are the easiest way to keep in touch with the latest trends – and can then be switched up at a moment’s notice.


In a few weeks time, we’ll be transforming part of our furniture store into a Denim Drift dream, and will make sure to report the whole thing, to give you even more inspiration. So be sure to pop in and keep a lookout for the work being done.

For more inspiration, check out our Pinterest board! 



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