7 One-Hour Projects to Make Guests Feel Welcome

1 Hour Cleaning Challenge: (Distractions dependant*) Source Use this 1 hour cleaning challenge to get the house neat and tidy before the guests arrive. Note: There’s no time for distractions or what we would call ‘tidying’ (pulling absolutely everything out from all cupboards and starting again…), so you best be quick with your 1 minute […]

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Stand Out Proud: Alternative Wall Colours

It’s blog Wednesday, and we’re ready to get back into providing you weekly blog updates about everything interiors. If you want to stay up to date with our blogs, sign up to our Newsletter here and receive 10% off your first order.  This week we’re talking about the dreaded: Choosing the perfect paint colour for […]

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7 Ways to Use Your Belly Basket

Belly Baskets are all the rage at the moment, which is why we’ve got 7 ways to try using your belly basket. Not got yours? Buy ours for £12 here   1. Store Towels for Guest Bathrooms Source 2. Carriage for Cuddly Toys Source 3. Sofa-Side Snuggle Sack Source 4. Toiletries Organiser Source 5. Pot […]

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7 Reasons Why it’s Time for a New Rug

Because that wine stain from the Christmas party isn’t going to disappear. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a new rug under your feet. (Source) 3. Because it’s never too early to get the kids involved 4. A new fluffy rug will add a bit of warmth to these winter days 5. It’s a […]

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