Botanicals 101: How to Bring Botanicals into Your Home

It’s one of the biggest trends in the interior world at the moment, and probably one of the hardest to make work for any home. Because not all of us can create a green utopia of freshness in our home. But, there are always ways to bring a botanical style into your home, and we’ve arranged some examples to help you be inspired in all the different ways you could introduce the trend into your interior.

Floral & Geometric Prints

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Florals were obviously going to be in here somewhere, but pairing them with quirky geometric patterns surprisingly make them really stand out. Which means there’s no needs for just floral patterns absolutely everywhere; you can really add a contemporary feel the botanical style by adding geometric soft furnishings, or even impulsively working in some bold wallpapers.

Shabby Chic Furniture


Of course, there’s always room for  little shabby-chic if you’re that way inclined. And bright colours or muted chalk paints both work to make a really classic English, botanical feel in the house.

Monochrome & Green

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If you’re looking for a cool, urban style while adding a fresh *leaf* of life to the room, adding green hues to a monochrome pallet really does the trick.

Larger than Life Motifs

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While you can always be subtle with botanical additions in the house, why not go bold? These larger-than-life wall murals are perfect for setting the tone and really bringing the room together.

Tropical Soft Furnishings


Getting a little warm, why not add some tropical prints and exotic colours? There’s tonnes on the market at the moment, so you’ll be truly spoilt for choice.

Gilt Framed Florals

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For an easy to change slither of botanical style, use gilt frames to create a photo wall. Whether you use mis-match pieces for a classic, shabby chic look, or create an orderly mural, this nifty little trick is an easy way to get your fresh fix.

Actual Plants!

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Naturally, the easiest way to get the botanical style into your house is: Plants. Who knew? Add a few planters, monster plants or miniature shrubs will leave your house feel fresh and smelling beautiful. Just be sure to remember to water your new pets…

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