Be Our Guest: 5 Ways To Prepare For Family Visits this Season

Making sure the house is ready for guests popping in at any time is crucial during the run up to Christmas. A good family home will never be empty this December, with friends and family dropping off presents, or stopping for a cuppa before the year end. And whilst it’s always nice to have guests and catch up, it’s inevitably stressful for the homeowner who has to accommodate for everyone.

Have the house ready from the start of December. That way, any unexpected guests won’t be met with a chaotic, messy house as they nip in next on the way back from work. Then, all you’ll need to upkeep for the month is a little sprucing and cleaning as and when its needed. Sounds calm, right?

Here’s 5 ways to prepare for family visits:

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M A K E    A N    E N T R A N C E

Get the most of out of your hallway with discrete shoe storage, hooks and seating. This beautiful hallway unit is perfect for providing your guests everything in an organised fashion, and gives a great impression when they first enter the house.

Alternatively, on a budget opt for a blanket box – like these in White or French Grey – which can double up as a backless bench. Shoes can be stored nicely without damaging the carpet or rug, and there’s a space for the elders to sit whilst popping on their shoes.

If there’s simply not the room for furniture in the hallway, try an array of baskets for shoes up the stairs.

Extras: Scented candles and a little mood lighting will help the hallway feel less like an after thought, and more like a homely, welcoming space.

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A L W A Y S   A N   E X T R A    S E A T

You never know when someone will decide to come for lunch, or bring an extra person to pre-made plans, so always keep a spare chair so that everyone feels welcome.


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S T O R E   I T  A W A Y

December is all about family time… and space savvy storage. Finding somewhere to store presents (unless you’re one of those last minute people), gifts from family, shoes and luggage from guests staying over can be a nightmare.

Use baskets and crates to create a friendly aesthetic that also solves the problem of storage. It’s a great way to group smaller objects to keep the house looking organised, even in the busiest month of the year.

If you need temporary storage for guests staying over the holidays, a propped up crate makes a great little bedside table, so guests will be able to have their own little space whilst they stay.

Chunky Knit Floor Cushion

S E A T S   A T   E V E R Y   L E V E L

Big families and guests with children will all need somewhere to sit, so grab a couple of floor cushions to give the guests – whose knees let them – something to sit on the floor with that’s still comfy. That way, there’s nobody awkwardly hovering and everyone feels at ease to stay as long as they would like to.


S T O C K    U P

Drinks, bottles, hot drinks, snacks, throw-in-the-oven-last-minute food, crackers, towels, shampoo and candles. Everything that someone might need at some point to make their visit or stay a smooth as possible. That way, you’re ready to enjoy the season, rather than rush around at a later date trying have new things organised.


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