7 Ways to Use Your Belly Basket

Belly Baskets are all the rage at the moment, which is why we’ve got 7 ways to try using your belly basket. Not got yours? Buy ours for £12 here  

1. Store Towels for Guest Bathrooms

Styling with Eucalyptus


2. Carriage for Cuddly Toys

Seagrass basket


3. Sofa-Side Snuggle Sack

Nursery storage - basket for blankets | @styleminimalism


4. Toiletries Organiser

See the source image


5. Pot Your Plants

SEAGRASS Belly Baskets | Bohemian Luxe Homewares | dosombre.com


6. Crafty Storage


DIY: Decorate Your Own

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How do you use yours?

Seagrass Belly Basket – Natural

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