7 One-Hour Projects to Make Guests Feel Welcome

1 Hour Cleaning Challenge: (Distractions dependant*)


Use this 1 hour cleaning challenge to get the house neat and tidy before the guests arrive. Note: There’s no time for distractions or what we would call ‘tidying’ (pulling absolutely everything out from all cupboards and starting again…), so you best be quick with your 1 minute to straighten everything up, and 2 minutes to dust the surfaces.

*We would 100% understand if you use this as your workout for the week*

Make the House Smell Homely

The easiest, most delicious way to get the house ready for guests is making it smell nice.

Place 2 teaspoons of vanilla into a mug and pop in the oven at around 180 degrees and wait 1 hour. This little trick will make the house smell like freshly baked cookies, before disappointing your guests with just the pack of chips and dip you picked up from the Co-op 15 minutes before they arrived…

Structure Your Cushions: 5 Minutes

Bed Cushion Styling


A sure fire way to up your guest bedroom is creating a hotel-esque feel. And the easiest way is by adding every cushion you can find.

Structured cushions on the bed always make us feel super sophisticated and more relatable to those scenes in sitcoms with couples bickering while throwing 97 cushions on the floor before they can get into bed.

Create an alternative Bedside: 1 Hour or Less (if you’re prepared!)

Floating_bedside_table_tutorial Source

We’re absolutely lovin’ this lil hanging bedside platform. It gives guests the subtle nod that it’s totally okay to head to bed a bit early to catch up on social media and keep your phone right by your side.

Create a Clothes Horse / Towel Stand

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If guests are staying with you longer than one night, it’s always nice to give them a bit of their own space to spread out and not have to restrict themselves to their suitcase. Providing towels on this cute little ladder will make the room look instantly more welcoming. Or, offering this space for shirts and dirty laundry will make them feel a little more at home.

Space to Relax


Prevent the awkward ‘everyone squish onto the sofa before you’re left to sit on the floor’ moments and make this floor cushion in just one hour. It doesn’t have to be as jazzy as this, so it’ll come in handy as and when there’s guests. It can be used outside, in the living room or even in the guest bedroom.

Fresh Flowers

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A lovely touch with no time needed.

How do you make guests feel welcome in your house?

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