3 Ways to Crush on Copper

We’re crushing on the copper trend and created HAVE a brand new Pinterest board for you to take a look and be inspired!

There’s so many ways to add copper into the home, and we  love it’s versatility. No matter what room or house style, there’s always room for copper tones to be involved.

With the popularity of Rose Gold, copper is definitely taking a backseat, working effortless with blush shades, rather than standing out from the crowd. But we’re not ready to say goodbye to copper just yet, its tangy orange shine is enough to brighten any room. And, there’s still plenty of ways to get your coppery fix, so we’ve collated just a few ideas to get you started.

If you get the chance, try out your own copper creations and let us know on Facebook!

Tape It

If you like yourself a little DIY project, grab some scissors and some shiny copper washi tape and get crafty. Wrap pipes or handles of drawers, create cute borders for pictures or mirrors and see where the inspiration takes you. Taping alphabet magnets works perfectly for giving the kids something to play with whilst keeping the kitchen looking neat and tidy.
We love this tape wall mural which works perfectly for any work space. Washi tapes are great for personalising anything – especially for students in shared accommodation.


Pipe It

If you’re feeling a little more crafty, try working with copper piping. Affordable and easy to buy in most hardware stores, you can easily create new, contemporary furniture for the home using piping and connectors. This copper pipe clothing rail looks super stylish, and could be accompanied by copper shelving units and much more.

Accessorise It

Take a look at our Precious Metals section and you’ll find our new copper accessories – along with rose gold hues, chromes and golden metals to compliment a modern interior. We’ll be adding much more homeware to the site soon, but for now, we love how candles and bulbs create a beautiful glow when paired with copper metals and dimmed lighting.


And that’s just three of the ways you can quickly and easily add copper into your home! Don’t forget to connect with us and let us know your about any DIY projects you’re up to, or how you add colours into your home.




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