Fresh February: What You Need To Know

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Our Fresh February campaign begins tomorrow, and it’s about time we talk about what, why and how we’re working to make February the best for everyone. Why Have We Created Fresh February? Because who really starts the new year in January? We all begin the new year with the best […]

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7 Reasons Why it’s Time for a New Rug

Because that wine stain from the Christmas party isn’t going to disappear. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a new rug under your feet. (Source) 3. Because it’s never too early to get the kids involved 4. A new fluffy rug will add a bit of warmth to these winter days 5. It’s a […]

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Save the Dates: Ashgate Furniture Company vs. 2018

  Ashgate Furniture Company has come a long way since our launch in April 2017. And going strength to strength has left us with even more excitement for the next year and the adventures to come. So, save the dates and be sure to join us for the ride into our second year of business with you […]

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AFC Christmas Gift Guide

The Chaotically Organised One Moroccan Large Two Drawers:  £18 Moroccan Triple Drawers: £15.99 The Quirky Workaholic Watson Table Lamp: £69 The Sparkly One Mermaid Cushion: £16 The Millennial Trend Setter Rose Shiny Metallic Cushion: £18 The Easy to Please One 2 Flower Holder: £11 The Ones Who Enjoy a Tipple… Glasses & Bottle Holder: £15 […]

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December & Christmas: Our Favourites

For the beginning of the Festive season, we thought we’d have a look at our December & Christmas favourites: Having a Sweet Tooth for an Entire Month, and it Being Acceptable Source Decorating the House with Festive Features… As soon as the clock strikes midnight on the 1st December… Buy it here Sitting in with […]

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The Forgotten Room: Re-Vamping Your Dining Space for Family Season

When rifling through a few of our favourite inspiration sites to come up with content for this week’s post, it became clear pretty quickly that simply everyone has forgotten about one important room of the house: The Dining Room. Y’know, that place, usually attached to the kitchen or living room? The place that you’re storing […]

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How to Master the #SHELFIE

You might’ve seen on our social media this week, that we’re celebrating Libraries Week by following through with the #Shelfie trend. The trend is simple; share a photo of your shelving to show how you style your decorations, books and files. If you’re an avid fan of Home Decor Pinterest and Instagram accounts, you’ll no […]

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